When you compare Dialogue to your historical Engagement Survey process, you might be alarmed at the decrease in participation rates. Please be assured that this is common and we urge you to look at employee participation beyond the response rates in the Dialogue pulse.

When your organization transitions to Dialogue, the feedback cadence increases. This provides more opportunities for employees to provide feedback and be heard.

For employees that did not respond to the Dialogue pulse, they will be involved in the post-pulse Insights Review and Team Conversation, ensuring that they play an active role in the entire Employee Voice process.

In tandem with re-educating the organization to view employee involvement in the process beyond the pulse response rates, below are some participation strategies and tactics that you could adopt:

  • Develop a robust internal communications plan leading up to, during, and after the pulse closes. Leverage different channels, such as employee newsletters, intranet, meetings, etc.

  • Delegate the responsibility of driving participation to department heads and managers. The increased impact is seen when department heads check-in with managers with low participation rates and get them to encourage participation during team meetings.

  • Generate friendly competition through incentives. For example, offering a pizza party for the top 3 departments.

  • Create reusable promotional materials that could be used every cycle. Some examples include placing banners by employee entrances/exits whenever the pulse is live and distributing “Let Your Voice Be Heard” stickers to all employees. 


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