Every participant will have a Dialogue account, either created through setting up a password or through your company's SSO. Please be assured that your email address is only used to send you pulse invitations, and timely reminders, and to authenticate your participation in the pulse. Your email address will never be used for identifying you as an individual or your responses in any way.

You are able to access both live pulses and past pulses that you have participated in. For the live pulses, you will be able to revisit them to submit more responses, manage your own responses (including the ability to delete a mistaken submission), and vote on other responses in a secure, authenticated way. 

Dialogue maintains participants’ anonymity to ensure a safe opportunity for productive conversation. Results are presented on an aggregated level. If there are fewer than 5 responses in a group, results will be included as “Everyone Else” to maintain anonymity. Any additional demographic information provided for reporting is presented if there are 5 or more responses to maintain this same anonymity.