AI Hub is designed to help you easily discover insights in your comment data collected from sources inside or outside of the Perceptyx platform (e.g., Glassdoor, LinkedIn, customer feedback). It uses four proprietary AI models to automatically analyze your data for you in a simple report you can use to quickly identify what’s going well and where you might need to focus action. This tool is specifically tailored for data scientists and people analytics teams to enhance comment analysis capabilities, enabling deeper insights and data-driven decision-making.

Note: AI Hub is available only for Administrator users.

This article walks through:

Access AI Hub

  1. Log in to Perceptyx. 

  2. In the navigation bar, click AI Hub.

The AI Hub landing page appears.

Once you arrive at the AI Hub, you can upload your datasets and harness the power of artificial intelligence to process and analyze it. Our advanced AI algorithms process and interpret the data, revealing meaningful patterns and trends. 

The AI Hub is organized into four main sections: side navigation panel, Overview, File Manager, and Upload Comment Data. Each area is described below.

Side Navigation Panel

Navigate easily around the AI Hub using the side navigation panel. This panel displays at all times in the AI Hub and enables you to click the icons to access AI Hub areas, or click the arrow to expand the panel and select from the AI Hub menu options: Overview, File Manager, and Upload Comment Data.

Overview (AI Hub Main Area)

The Overview area features access to learn more about the different model types. It also enables you to access the File Manager and Upload Comment Data areas by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the associated button.

Upload Comment Data

You can upload your data for analysis in the Upload Comment Data page. Using the Select File feature, you’ll download a template (optional), select your files, review your selection, and upload the data. Once the data is uploaded, our AI Engine processes the file to interpret the data, revealing patterns and trends. A progress indicator at the top of the page updates as you work through the upload process. 

Note: Your data file must be in .csv format and include two columns of information: Comment ID (number 0-X) and Text (comment text). 

Note: Your file may take up to 24 hours or more to process depending on size and content.

File Manager

You can review, download, rename, and delete your uploaded files in File Manager. Your files list with status, uploaded date, and action buttons. You can sort your files by file name and upload date by clicking the headers. You can select an action for a single file, or select multiple files and apply an action.

Upload Data for Analysis

  1. Navigate to the AI Hub.

  2. Click Upload Comment Data (side navigation panel).

The Upload Comment Data page displays.

You have the option to upload your data file or download a template and populate it with your data. If this is your first time uploading, we recommend you download the template and populate it to ensure the format is correct.

Note: The data file must be in .csv format and include two columns of information: Comment ID (number 0-X) and Text (comment text).

  1. Download the template (if needed).

    1. Click Download a Template.

    2. Locate the downloaded template (sample_dataset.csv) and populate with your data.

  2. Upload your data.

    1. Click Select File.

    2. Navigate to your data file and double-click the file name.

The selected file displays in the Upload Comment Data page.

  1. Click Upload and Process Data.

You will receive an email when the file has been processed. This can take up to 24 hours (or more), depending on the file size and content.

Manage Your Files

After you have uploaded a file, you can access, download, rename, or delete the file(s) using File Manager.

  1. Navigate to the AI Hub.

  2. Click File Manager (left panel).

The File Manager page displays.

  1. Identify the file you want download, rename, or delete

  2. Click the file’s Action drop down and select the desired action:

    1. Download

      1. On selection, the system downloads your file. 

      2. Navigate to your Downloads folder and open the file.

    2. Rename File

      1. On selection, the Enter New Name field displays. 

      2. Enter the new name and click Submit.

  • Delete
    On selection, the system deletes your file.

AI Hub Models

AI Hub uses four models to process and interpret data:

  • Emotion: Measures nuanced emotions expressed in comments, including anger, fear, love, joy, sadness, and surprise. 

  • Themes: Organizes comment data by topics or themes for efficient categorization and retrieval.

  • Intent: Extracts the intent behind each comment, to further categorize text not only by topic, but also purpose. 

  • Sentiment: Gauges the positivity of a piece of text, on a calibrated sliding scale from low sentiment to high sentiment.

You can learn more about each model by clicking Learn more.

Report Format and Output

The processed data file is delivered in .csv format with separate columns for each theme, intent, and emotion, as well as a Sentiment column.

  • For every comment in your dataset, the processed file shows a 0 or a 1 to indicate whether a specific theme, intent, or emotion was detected.

  • The Sentiment column displays Positive, Neutral, or Negative to indicate the type of sentiment detected.

  • You can easily aggregate the data for any theme, intent, or emotion.