There are multiple benefits to integrating Dialogue with your organization’s SSO system: 

  • Seamless user experience: Employees can access Dialogue pulses with the same credentials they use to access other systems within the organization. Employees do not have to create or remember another username and password! 

  • One-click access to Dialogue homepage: As part of the setup process, an IDP-initiated link will be created. This link is usually placed on the organization’s intranet and will take employees directly to their Dialogue homepage so they can view results of current and past pulses.

  • Improved security: Limit access to approved domains, hence ensuring that no one outside of the organization, including former employees, will be able to access any Dialogue pulses

  • Increased accuracy of employee tag information and integrity of the management chain: Without SSO, employee tag and manager information is tied to email addresses. However, employees typically have multiple email addresses and that causes confusion and data breakdowns. SSO avoids that confusion by instead tying the demographic and manager data to Employee ID. Employees can use whichever credentials they typically use to access the organization’s SSO gateway, and Dialogue will receive the Employee ID as the identifier.