Explore the Perceptyx IT Requirements to ensure a smooth usability for your company.  

This article goes through:

Email Settings

To allow all employees to receive survey invitations and reminder emails, please ensure that:

  • All employees are able to receive emails from Perceptyx, without it being blocked or marked as SPAM.

  • Email servers will not "throttle" incoming email messages from Perceptyx.

  • If your company utilizes URL scanners to check for SPAM, please configure your system to allow emails from Perceptyx addresses to pass through the system without being scanned. If not adjusted, this will impact response rate counts for any surveys not using single-sign on survey authentication.

Perceptyx Email Server:

  • US IP Address:, / EU IP Address:,

  • US Hostname: mail.us.perceptyx.com / EU Hostname: mail.eu.perceptyx.com.

  • By default, emails will be sent in batches of 500 with a 30-second delay between each batch.

Web Settings

To allow all employees to access the Perceptyx Insights Platform, please ensure that:

  • All employees will be able to access the domains listed below.

  • Content from the Perceptyx website will not be cached by a proxy server.

Perceptyx Web Server:

  • US Hostnames: perceptyx.com, *.perceptyx.com / EU Hostnames: eu.perceptyx.com, *.eu.perceptyx.com.

Perceptyx Automated Data Integration Server:

Requests for automated data file feeds will originate from these addresses:

  • US IP Address: / EU IP Address:

SFTP Server:

Requests for automated data file feeds will originate from these addresses:

  • US Hostname: sftp.perceptyx.com / EU Hostname: sftp.eu.perceptyx.com

Web Browser Requirements

To protect against security concerns, customers can use any modern standards-compliant web browser that uses the TLS 1.2 protocol to access the Perceptyx sites. If the browser being used to access Perceptyx is not using TLS 1.2, the browser will display an error page stating that the site cannot display the webpage. This is the expected behavior as the Perceptyx servers are not “listening” to TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1.

  • Chrome (at least v38)

  • Firefox (at least v27)

  • Opera (at least v17)

  • Safari (at least v5 on iOS) (at least v7 on OS X)

  • Microsoft Edge (all versions)

  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher