Activate is a premium experience within the People Insights Platform, designed to transform how organizations act on insights. It has two key features designed to help managers and employees across the organization close the gap between insights and impact:

  • AI-Assisted Action Planning: Action plans are automatically generated for every manager by our AI Insights Engine to help managers focus on the most important areas to take action.

  • Intelligent Nudges: Science-backed, behavioral-based prompts sent to every employee - managers and individual contributors -  that drive follow-up on action plans within the flow of work.

Additionally, for Administrators, the Act Metrics Dashboard provides a global view of how employees are engaging with action plans and nudges, themes among nudge preferences, and view rates.

Activate helps organizations turn their listening insights into effective action by influencing behaviors and creating positive habits at every level in the organization.

This article walks through:

AI-Assisted Action Plans

AI-Assisted Action Planning takes the insights generated across listening programs and proactively identifies the top areas managers should focus on and suggests an action plan to address those items.

When a manager starts to create a new action plan, the Perceptyx AI engine recommends the survey items that are most likely to drive impact at that point in time, based on the most recent listening data available for that manager and their team. 

From here, the manager can choose to proceed with one or more of the recommended items, view all items from the survey and select different ones for action planning, or view the full survey results. After choosing the item(s) to work with, Activate creates the action plan for them and provides the opportunity to optionally add up to two commitments, write notes, and choose up to three follow-up dates for their commitments. 

Additionally, each plan will generate nudges for the team (for Point-In-Time events) to help them move forward and successfully complete the plan. 

For more information and step-by-step instructions, see the Create an Action Plan article.

Intelligent Nudges

Intelligent Nudges are science-based, personalized action recommendations powered by AI and delivered in the flow of work, that drive business impact by creating positive changes in behavior. They close the loop from insight to impact by activating everyone in an organization to take action and develop the habits that help them—and their organization—succeed.

While AI-Assisted Action Planning identifies where managers should focus attention and suggests appropriate action plans, Intelligent Nudges augment the process by proactively delivering behavioral-based nudges to managers and employees, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to take those actions and develop better habits over time. All nudges are delivered within the flow of work (for example, in the Action Feed area of the Act page, or via Microsoft Teams, Slack, email, etc.), making them quick and easy to implement.

The last line of the nudge identifies the action plan, personal focus area, or organizational behavior the nudge is meant to help improve.

Nudge Interaction

As employees interact with Intelligent Nudges, they can provide feedback that Perceptyx uses to refine our nudges over time. Each nudge includes the I Plan to do This section with YesNo, and I Already Do This options that employees can click to provide feedback. These interactions are incorporated into the nudge engagement data that is available to Administrators on the Act Metrics dashboard.  

Nudge Preferences

All users can set their own nudge preferences via the Act page. 

Clicking Update Preferences (bottom right) launches a brief survey in which users can provide optional, voluntary information about their role and select up to three personal focus areas. Perceptyx uses this information to further personalize the nudges the user receives. 

For more information and step-by-step instructions, see the Set Nudge Preferences article.

Nudges in the Action Feed and Action Plan Cards

In addition to receiving nudges via email, MS Teams, and/or Slack, users can view their nudges at any time in their Action Feed on the Act page. This feed displays nudges in reverse chronological order, with the most recent nudge at the top. 

Additionally, the cards that appear in the Active Action Plans section for each active action plan display the number of nudges received for that action plan. 

Clicking View Details in an action plan card displays the nudges sent for that particular action plan, again in reverse chronological order.

For more information and step-by-step instructions, see the Work with Intelligent Nudges article.

Nudge Engagement Data in the Act Metrics Dashboard

With Activate, Administrator users can view nudge engagement information (in addition to action plan engagement information) in the Act Metrics dashboard. Nudge engagement information includes the following data:

  • Summary Metrics: A global view of how employees are engaging with nudges

  • Nudge Themes Selected as Personal Focus Areas: A view of which themes are most commonly selected as personal focus areas in nudge preferences 

  • Nudges Viewed Over Time: The nudge view rate over time.

Note: The Act Metrics Dashboard is available only to Administrator users.

For more information and step-by-step instructions, see the Work with Intelligent Nudges article.