Focused crowdsourcing enables organizations to facilitate multiple group conversations on a specific topic at the same time. 

Employees will be segmented into different voting groups based on their employee tag (e.g. department) and will only vote on open-ended comments that are specific to their group. This generates multiple leaderboards of prioritized comments, one for each demographic group. 

  1. Answer: Participants’ experience when responding to the questions remains the same.

  2. Vote: Participants will vote only on the responses submitted by others in the same voting group (e.g. Department = Sales).

  3. View Results 

    • Participants will see the open-ended leaderboard for their specific group (e.g. Department = Sales).

    • Managers will have access to any open-ended leaderboards that their people were a part of. 

    • Admins can view all leaderboards.

To set up focused crowdsourcing for your Dialogue account, please reach out to