A well-constructed crowdsourcing question is crucial in generating actionable insights to help guide next steps. 

  • Define the main objective of your Dialogue and translate that into an open-ended question. It is usually focused on either probing into the root cause of an issue or generating solutions to your problem statement.

  • Keep it simple. Use direct and concise language and avoid technical jargon and/or terms that might invoke confusion due to individual interpretations (e.g. Does Leadership mean direct supervisor or the C-Suite?)

  • Anticipate the potential responses to ensure that you’re asking the right question. For example, if you’re gathering insights to design your talent development program, you may want to use the question “What is one concern or challenge that you consistently face in your role?” instead of “What is one training topic we should cover this year?” This former question helps identify key issues and address core needs, rather than focusing on surface-level wants.