Dialogue currently supports 3 types of metric questions:  

  1. Yes/No: Dichotomous ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ selection

  2. Agreement: 5-point Likert scale labeled ‘Strongly Agree’ to ‘Strongly Disagree’

  3. Net Promoter: Question type designed by Bain & Company, with a specific scoring methodology. For more information on Net Promoter, please refer to: http://www.netpromotersystem.com/about/index.aspx 

Metric questions are optional in a Dialogue pulse and there is no limit to the number of metric questions. However, it is recommended to ask no more than 5 metric questions to ensure higher participation.

Every Dialogue pulse has a mandatory crowdsourcing (open-ended) question. To make sure the conversation is focused, we limit to 1 allowed crowdsourcing (open-ended) question. This question is linked to our proprietary voting algorithm; through pairwise voting, responses are ranked and prioritized by the entire group.

For both metric and crowdsourcing (open-ended) questions, either create your own or browse existing questions from our question library.