Crowdsourcing is the key feature that sets Dialogue apart from traditional surveys. It plays an important role in facilitating meaningful discussions and prioritizing open-ended comments. Here's how you can set up crowdsourcing based on your specific needs:

Overall Crowdsourcing 

  • By default, “Voting” is enabled for all Dialogue pulses. 
  • This setup promotes organization-wide conversations where all employees vote on the same set of open-ended comments, generating a single leaderboard of prioritized comments.

Focused Crowdsourcing 

  • Focused crowdsourcing enables local or team conversations by segmenting employees based on their employee tag (e.g., department, business unit). Each group votes on open-ended comments specific to their employee tag, resulting in multiple leaderboards of prioritized comments.
  • To set up focused crowdsourcing: 
    • Ensure that both “Voting” and “Focused Crowdsourcing” are enabled. 
    • Choose how you’d like to segment the conversation from the drop down list. Your desired segmentation method has to be an employee tag in your data file or created as a self-select tag. 
    • Based on your selection, the system will indicate the maximum number of leaderboards generated, which corresponds to the number of voting groups. 

No Crowdsourcing 

  1. In certain instances, voting may not be relevant to your pulse topic.
  2. If you wish to disable voting, simply disable "Voting".