The Home page is your first stop after logging in and the central location for all your listening tools, activities, and insights. On the Home page, you can keep in the know with your dynamic alerts, review and gain a deeper understanding of your AI Insights, and access curated research from our EX experts. You can also navigate to any area in the platform and provide feedback.

Note: The Home Page is available to all users, but the view and elements depend upon your role and permissions.

This article walks through:

Access the Home Page

When you log in to Perceptyx, the Home Page displays. If you navigate away from the Home page, you can return to it by clicking Home in the navigation bar.

The Home page is divided into four main areas: the navigation bar, dynamic alerts, AI insights, and Perceptyx research. These areas enable you to:

  • Navigate to other areas of the platform

  • View and take action on dynamic alerts (e.g., surveys, action plans, etc.)

  • Explore AI-generated insights from your latest Ask managed surveys

  • Read, watch, or listen to curated research from our EX experts 

The navigation bar provides one-click access to all your surveys, action plans, and listening tools, and your account settings. If you are an Administrator, it also provides access to the Administrator Portal and the AI Hub. 

The navigation bar remains visible at all times so you can easily navigate back and forth between each option as you move about the platform. Simply click an item in the bar to access it.

Note: The items that appear in your navigation bar vary based on your company’s configuration and your user permissions. 

  • Home - Return to the Home page.
  • Surveys - Access and manage surveys. If you are an Administrator, you may also access Analytics Studio.
  • Actions - Review and manage action plans.
  • AI Hub - (Admins Only) Access Perceptyx AI models to analyze open-text comment data from any source.
  • Administrator Portal - (Admins Only) Read-only access to company and user data.
  • Account Settings - Access and update your account settings, including your profile (read-only) and notifications settings. 

Read and Complete Alerts

The Alerts area highlights updates and time-sensitive tasks for you to complete, such as participating in new surveys or creating or reviewing action plans. The task with the nearest due date displays with an action button you can click to view or complete the task. If you have multiple tasks pending, the Alerts area will also display a link you can click to view them all.

View Your Alerts

  1. Navigate to the Alerts area.

  2. If there are multiple alerts, click the link in the bottom-right corner to display a list of your tasks.

Complete an Alert

  1. Review the alert.

  2. Click the action button.

  3. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the task.


Interact with Insight Cards

Insight cards display role-specific, data-driven insights based on feedback from your most recent managed listening event. The cards are generated by the AI Insights Engine, which determines the most useful information specifically for you. As you interact with your Insights (thumb up or down), the AI Engine continues to tailor your Insights for you. You can review, favor, and click into your Insights to learn more and take action on them.

Note: Insight cards are specific to you, your listening events, and your reporting data. Your cards will contain different information than the example shown above. If additional information is available, an action button (e.g., View breakdown, Visit webinars, Learn more, etc.) will display at the bottom of the card.

Review Your Insights

  1. Navigate to the AI Insights area.

Insight cards are date-stamped and appear in a carousel in descending date order from left to right. Depending on your role, you may also see Insights grouped by tabs (e.g., Company, Team, Group). You can easily navigate between tabs, and forward and backward between cards.

  1. Select the tab group you want to view (if applicable).

  2. Using the left and right arrows, scroll through your Insight cards.

  3. If you’re interested in more details, click the action button at the bottom of the card (if applicable). 

Take Action on Your Insights

The power of AI Insights is to bubble up trends and opportunities to understand them better and take action on them. Most Insight cards include an action button so you can dig deeper with relevant resources like survey reports, articles, or webinar content, as well as identify opportunities, determine next steps, and drive transformation.

  1. Identify the Insight you want to take action on.

  2. Click the action button to engage the Insight.

The platform takes you to the area associated with the AI Insight (e.g., reports).

  1. Review the information and determine next steps.

Personalize Your Insights

You can provide feedback to help personalize your Insights to ensure the most relevant Insights appear on your Home page. Each Insight card includes Thumb Up and Thumb Down icons that make it easy to provide feedback to help the AI Insights Engine learn which Insights are the most useful to you.

  1. For each Insight:

    1. Click the Thumb Up icon for useful and relevant Insights you’d like to see more.

    2. Click the Thumb Down icon for Insights you’d like to see less.

Perceptyx Research

The Perceptyx Research area provides research from our EX experts that is tailored to your role to help you drive transformation, business outcomes, and measurable impact. Research items include articles, blogs, podcasts, webinars, and infographics. Each item includes an action button so you can explore further. Once a month, your Home page displays four new research items. 

Review Your Curated Research

  1. Navigate to the Perceptyx Research area.

  2. Review the research snapshots.

  3. Click Read More for the item you want to explore.

View and Edit Your Account Settings

You can view and edit your account settings by clicking your initials in the top-right of the navigation bar. Clicking your initials displays a drop down menu with options for accessing account settings and signing out of the platform.

When you access your Account Settings, you can view your profile information and view and edit your email and chat notification preferences.


When you select Sign Out, this ends your session in the platform and displays the login page.

Access Your Account Settings

  1. On the right side of the navigation bar, click your initials to display the drop down menu, then select Account Settings.

The Account Settings screen appears with the Your Profile tab displayed and the Notifications tab available. You can view your profile information, but you cannot modify it.

  1. Click the Notifications tab to display your Notification settings.

Edit Your Notifications

  1. Navigate to Account Settings > Notifications.

  2. Identify the notification you want to edit.

    1. Enable Notification: Select the checkbox to enable the notification.

    2. Deselect the checkbox for the notifications you don’t want to receive.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Sign Out of the Platform

  1. On the right side of the navigation bar, click your initials to display the drop down menu, then select Sign Out.

When you select Sign Out, this ends your session in the platform and displays the login page.

Give Us Feedback

We encourage all People Insights Platform users to help us improve our platform by sharing feedback via the Feedback button.

Share Your Feedback

  1. Click the Feedback button.

The popup feedback form displays to gather your feedback.

  1. Enter your information into the text fields. 

Note: The Email Address, Subject, and Description fields are required.

  1. If you want to include a screenshot, click Take screenshot, then follow the onscreen prompts.

  2. If you want to upload files:

    1. Click the Upload files box.

    2. Navigate to the file location, then double-click the file name. 

    3. Repeat as needed for up to a maximum of five files.

  3. Select I’m not a robot.

  4. Click Send.