Dialogue isn’t just another survey platform; the key differentiators are the voting experience and the ability to provide employees with real-time access to the results. 

Think of Dialogue as feedforward instead of feedback! Dialogue is most effective when we need to inform the future- not measure the past.

Dialogue is optimal for:

  • Pulsing on one key topic of interest

  • Sourcing employees’ own words

  • Aligning on great ideas through crowdsourcing

  • Making results available and transparent in real-time

  • Gaining further insight into a particular area of concern

  • Transforming insight into action

A different tool is more effective for:

  • Surveys with more than one focus area

  • Surveys requiring conditional branching or skip logic

  • Surveys requiring multiple-choice questions

  • Quiz or testing type surveys

  • Diagnostic surveys

  • External audiences