To design an effective question set for your Dialogue, follow these steps:

  • Clearly define the objective of your Dialogue
    What is the primary purpose of this pulse?

  • Determine the specific insights you hope to obtain
    What valuable information or perspectives would you like to gather from employees?

  • Consider how you will utilize those insights
    How will the collected data and feedback be used to drive meaningful action or decision-making?

Perceptyx recommends focusing on a single objective per Dialogue. This approach allows you to keep your question set concise, ensuring a clear focus on the most critical issue.

Are you truly ready to send out a Dialogue? 

Prior to sending out your Dialogue, ensure that you and the leadership team are prepared to embrace the diverse responses, which may not always be positive. Demonstrating a non-defensive and constructive attitude when acknowledging feedback is vital in building trust and ensuring that employees are willing to provide their feedback the next time you send them a Dialogue.