Dialogue offers 3 different participation types for you to customize the audience and access levels for your pulses. 

  1. Restricted to a predefined list of employees 
    • When creating your pulse, you will be asked to define your audience in the “Audience Builder” step.
    • Your pulse audience could be everyone listed on your employee file or a subset of individuals. 
    • Only those on the predefined list will have access to the pulse, ensuring targeted distribution.
    • To set up a pulse that is restricted to a predefined list, select “Participation Type = Restricted” and define your audience.

  2. Restricted to anyone with SSO access 
    • In specific cases, you may want to allow any employee with SSO access, even if they are not on your employee file, to participate. 
    • To accommodate these employees, select “Participation Type = Restricted” and enable “Domain Access”.

  3. Unrestricted 
    • In rare instances, you may need to send a pulse to external audiences withoutSSO access. In such cases, you can use the unrestricted pulse type.
    • Please note that unrestricted pulses:
      • Do not require a login.
      • Collect employee tag information in a self-select manner only.
      • Do not allow analysis of results by manager hierarchy.
    • To set up an unrestricted pulse, select “Participation Type = Unrestricted”.