While there is currently no built-in preview or test functionality in Dialogue, you can follow these steps to effectively test and launch your pulse:

  1. During the pulse creation process, utilize the email list method to define your audience. Include only the email addresses of the testers who will participate in the testing phase.
  2. Proceed with the pulse creation process as usual, ensuring all necessary settings and questions are configured.
  3. Send the invitation email to the testers and allow them to participate in the pulse.
  4. After the testing period is complete and you are ready to clear the test results, navigate to Admin > Clear Results. This step ensures that the test data does not interfere with the actual pulse results. 
  5. Finalize your pulse audience by going to Admin > Edit Pulse to make any necessary adjustments. 

With the final audience defined, you are ready to launch your official pulse and invite all intended participants.