Perceptyx People Insights Platform Spring 2024 Update

As part of our mission to help people and organizations thrive, Perceptyx is continually enhancing the People Insights Platform to improve the user experience. With this Spring update we are excited to bring to you our latest advancements in technology and EX transformation best practices to help you drive change and deliver impact. From new, intuitive navigation/pages that mirror the listening event process, to an enhanced Event Builder that enables you to build any type of listening event, to the use of AI to power targeted action planning, Intelligent Nudges, and powerful comment analysis, it has never been easier to be in the driver’s seat, navigating the course of your listening programs. 

These release notes detail what you'll find in the Spring update:

Refreshed Navigation

When you log in, you’ll see a refreshed navigation bar with Home | Listen | Analyze | Act options that provide easy platform navigation and organize your listening events, reports/analytics, and action plans in centralized and connected workspaces. Easily access and switch between workspaces with a single click.  

Note: The items that display in the navigation bar depend upon your user role and permissions.

The navigation bar also includes a new Respond option that displays all your pending tasks. You can still view pending tasks from the Dynamic Alerts section of the Home page, but the Respond option lets you see them no matter where you are in the platform. A red dot displays next to the Respond option when a new task is pending. Click Respond to display the list.

Simplify Data Collection and Management with Listen 

The Listen page (formerly the Surveys page) streamlines the process for building, accessing, and managing your listening events to gather feedback and insights. All your listening events, of all types, are stored in one central location for easy access. Two interactive sections and access to the Event Builder provide everything you need to create and manage listening events from start to finish.

Note: The Listen page is available for Administrator/Creator/HR user roles only.

  • Active Events
    Stay in the know with information cards for your four most recent active listening events that help you quickly see launch dates and response rates so you can encourage participation if needed. Each card also displays your user role, the survey type (Point-In-Time, Lifecycle, 360, or Crowdsource), and a Manage Event option which opens the Event Builder, enabling you to make changes to your active self-created events (e.g., modify event settings, add late invitees, etc.). 

Use the tabs above the cards to filter the card display by event type.

  • All Events 
    Access all your listening events (whether active or in draft mode) in the 
    All Events table. Search for events by name or filter by listening event type, talent priority, or by created or scheduled close dates. Re-sort the table by any column using the up and down arrows, or use the tabs above the table to show only active or only draft events. Click Manage Event for any event to open the Event Builder and make changes as allowed by event status (active or draft).

  • Create New Listening Event

The Create New Listening Event option at the top of the Listen page opens the Event Builder, which streamlines the process of creating your own listening events.


Create New Listening Events with the Event Builder

The new outcomes-based Event Builder enables you to create, preview, and launch your own listening events of any type - Point-In-Time, Lifecycle, 360, or Crowdsource (depending on purchased subscriptions). The Event Builder prompts you to select a Business & Talent Priority to focus on and the type of event you want to create, and then guides you through the entire process.

Note: Business & talent priorities represent the top objectives your organization wants to accomplish that are crucial to organizational success. Perceptyx works with your organization to identify business & talent priorities and loads them into the platform to be used as the basis for creating outcomes-based listening events.


A side navigation panel displays each phase of the process. As you work through each phase, the Event Builder workspace presents options for you to select or prompts you to provide necessary information. User-friendly templates, best practice questions, and a streamlined workflow make it easier than ever to create listening events.

Although steps and sequences vary by event type, the Event Builder provides a consistent framework for all of them. 


See the Build Your Listening Program knowledge article to learn more about creating, launching, and managing events with the Event Builder.

View Reports and Uncover Insights with Analyze

The Analyze page is the central location for viewing reports for all your listening events and for analyzing your results to uncover strategic insights to help you effectively focus action planning efforts. Two interactive sections and access to Analytics Studio and AI Hub  provide everything you need to analyze your data and identify opportunities to act on.

Analytics Studio is our advanced analytics workspace where you can create and share custom dashboards, use Perceptyx analytics models to explore insights in your comments data, and conduct cross survey analysis. You can use the power and flexibility of Analytics Studio to streamline independent data analysis and make informed, data-driven decisions for taking action and driving improvements.

AI Hub helps you discover insights in your comment data collected from sources outside of the Perceptyx platform. It uses four proprietary AI models to automatically analyze your data for you in a simple report you can use to quickly identify what’s going well and where you might need to focus action.

Note: The Analyze page is available for Administrator/Creator/HR/Reporting Manager user roles only.

Depending on your user role, you can view reports for all closed events you have permission to access and reports for active events if minimum response thresholds are met. Administrators can view reports for closed and active events and access data analysis tools.

  • Report Eligible 
    View cards for up to the four most recent listening events you have access to. The cards display the response rate for each event and provide access to available reports for closed events. For Administrators, the cards may also provide access to live reports for active events and also give access to 
    Analytics Studio.

Click View Report or Live Report (user role permitting) in a card to view reports for the event.

Use the tabs above the cards to filter the card display by event type.

  • All Reports 
    The All Reports table displays high-level information and report access for all closed events you have permission to view reports for. For Administrators, the table displays information for closed and active events and access to work with event data in 
    Analytics Studio.

Search for events by name or filter by listening event type, talent priority, or by launched or closed dates. Re-sort the table by any column using the up and down arrows or use the tabs above the table to show only active or only closed events. Click View Report or Live Report (user role permitting) for any event to view its reports. Administrators can click Analytics Studio for an event to analyze the data and create custom dashboards in the Analytics Studio tool.

  • Access Analytics Tools 
    You can now easily access 
    Analytics Studio and AI Hub directly from the Analyze page. Simply click AI Hub or Open Analytics Studio in the top right corner of the Analyze page to access these tools.

New in Analytics Studio - Cross Survey Analysis & Comment Copilot

Two new features enhance the power of Analytics Studio to help users compare results across multiple surveys and use AI to analyze comment data, identify common themes, and summarize comments into five main takeaways.

Cross Survey Analysis

Users can now create cross survey projects to analyze results from multiple survey sources within a custom dashboard. Display widgets side by side to easily see how items differ between the surveys.

A 3-step workflow guides you through the process of creating a new project. You can select up to 5 surveys (Perceptyx-led and self-led) for each cross survey project.

For more information, see the Use Cross Survey Analysis knowledge article.

Comment Copilot

Currently available for closed Point-In-Time events, this new feature leverages the power of OpenAI to quickly summarize employee comment feedback. With a single click, Comment Copilot can analyze your comment data and identify key sentiments, victories, challenges, and areas for improvement, fast-tracking your action planning process.

If enabled for your company, a Comment Copilot tab appears in the Theme Detail section of the Comment Analysis workspace. Simply click one of the prompts to generate a summary.

Comment Copilot does not show verbatim comments, but rather, it pulls out and summarizes common themes. For more information, see the Use Comment Copilot knowledge article.

Drive Change and Business Impact with Act

The Act page enables leaders and managers to create and manage action plans (and track progress) across all listening events, all in one place. AI-Assisted Action Planning automatically guides managers to critical items for action planning and provides suggested action steps. Intelligent Nudges and automated commitment reminders help encourage positive behavior changes that drive the process from action to impact. Effective action plans are critical for turning insights from your listening events into action that positively impacts your organization and employees (and, in turn, your customers). 

The Act page has two interactive sections, access to the action plan tool, and for administrators, a dashboard for tracking action plan and nudge engagement metrics.

Note: The Act page is available for Administrator/Creator/HR/Reporting Manager user roles only.

  • Create Action Plan 
    Create Action Plan to access AI-Assisted Action Planning, which leverages our AI Insight Engine to help you focus on the most important areas and guides you through the quick and simple process of creating an effective action plan.

Click Suggestions to use suggested action steps geared specifically toward the item you are creating the action plan for, or add your own steps. Add any notes you want to track, choose three dates to follow up with the team, and you’re done.


If you want more help creating your commitments, additional resources and questions to consider are just a click away (View Additional Resources). You can create multiple action plans for multiple events.

After you create the action plan, you and your team will begin to receive nudges to help you strengthen the area the action plan is designed to improve.

Note: Intelligent Nudges and AI-Assisted Action Planning are included with Activate

  • Active Action Plans 
    This section helps you track progress by displaying all your active action plans and providing quick access to make updates. The cards show the number of commitments completed and the number of Intelligent Nudges received for each action plan. Click 
    View Details for any action plan to make edits, update notes, or mark commitments as done.

    When an action plan is complete, you can archive it. You can view archived action plans by clicking 
    View All.

  • Action Feed 
    Automated reminders and Intelligent Nudges help you keep your active action plans on track and provide one-click access to make changes if circumstances have changed and other action steps may be more appropriate or follow-up dates should change.

  • Act Metrics 
    Administrators can track action plan and nudge engagement data on the 
    Act Metrics dashboard. Data includes nudge themes selected as personal focus areas, nudges viewed over time, the top survey items used in action plans, and a participation breakdown by user status (e.g., manager or overall). There’s even a search feature so administrators can search for action plans for specific employees and provide appropriate feedback and support for those who need help getting started or following up with the process.

Note: If your organization purchased Activate, the Act page includes AI-assisted action planning and Intelligent Nudges. For more information, see the Close the Gap Between Insights and Impact with Activate section below.

Close the Gap Between Insights and Impact with Activate

Activate is a premium experience within the People Insights Platform, designed to transform how organizations act on insights. Ease the burden on managers and mobilize your entire organization toward change with two key features:

  • AI-Assisted Action Planning 
    Action plans automatically generated by our AI Insights Engine to help managers focus on the most important areas to take action.

  • Intelligent Nudges 
    Science-backed, personalized action recommendations - powered by AI - that drive business impact by creating positive changes in behavior. Delivered within the normal flow of work (on the Home page, in the Action Feed, or via Microsoft Teams, Slack, and email), nudges make taking strategic actions an intuitive part of day-to-day tasks.

When Activate is enabled, the Home page and Act page experiences are enhanced to help managers:

  • Know what to focus on

  • Quickly understand how to drive impact

  • Receive help in the flow of work

  • Capture the full power of their team

The Activate Home Page Experience

Intelligent Nudges appear on the Home page (below Insights) and update on a regular cadence. Backed by Nobel-prize-winning research, nudges offer subtle yet powerful advice for how to take action, fostering positive behavior change at every level of the organization. In addition to providing action recommendations, each nudge card explains why the nudge was sent and the action plan, personal focus area, or organizational behavior the nudge is meant to help improve.

Review recent nudges in the Recent Nudge History section or click + View All Nudges to review every nudge received.

Clicking View More in a nudge card opens the nudge on the Act page and provides options for employees to give feedback about whether they plan to follow the recommendation. Perceptyx uses that feedback to refine nudges over time. 

The Activate Act Page Experience

Activate adds several features to the Act page:

  • AI-Assisted Action Plans 
    When a manager starts to create a new action plan, the Perceptyx AI Insights Engine recommends the survey items that are most likely to drive impact at that point in time, based on the most recent listening data available for that manager and their team.

If the recommended items look good to the manager, no further action is required; Activate creates the action plans for them and they and/or their team will automatically start receiving nudges to help them take action. Optionally, the manager can add commitments, notes, or follow up dates to the action plan, or can choose different items to work on. 

Each AI-assisted action plan automatically generates nudges for the manager alone (360 events) and/or their team (Point-In-Time events) to help them move forward to successfully complete the plan.

  • Intelligent Nudges 
    Intelligent Nudges appear in the 
    Action Feed section of the Act page. Additionally, the cards that appear in the Active Action Plans section for each active action plan display the number of nudges received for that action plan. These nudges proactively deliver behavioral-based recommendations to managers and employees, giving them the skills and knowledge they need to successfully complete action plans and develop better habits over time.

Note: Activate gives individual contributors access to the Act page, where they can review action plans in read-only mode, receive nudges to help them participate in taking action, and set their nudge preferences.

  • Nudge Preferences
    All users can set their nudge preferences by providing optional information about their role and select up to three personal focus areas. The Perceptyx AI Insights Engine uses this information to further personalize the nudges the user receives.

  • Nudge Engagement Metrics
    For Administrators, the Act Metrics dashboard provides a global view of how employees are engaging with action plans and nudges, themes among nudge preferences, and view rates.

For more information, see the Activate Overview knowledge article.

New in the Admin Portal

There are three new sections in the Admin Portal where administrators can view information:

Business & Talent Priorities 
Perceptyx works with your organization to identify business & talent priorities and loads them into the platform to be used as the basis for creating outcomes-based listening events. In the portal you can see which ones are selected. To change selections, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Here you can view which subscriptions your organization has purchased. To make subscription changes, contact your Customer Success Manager.

API Tokens 
If your organization is using any Perceptyx API connections, active API tokens display here.

New in Account Settings

The Notifications tab of the Account Settings screen now includes an email notification option for Intelligent Nudges (if enabled). Turning off the notification does not prevent nudges from displaying on the Home page or the Act page.


If you have questions about the People Insights Platform functionality or the Spring Update, please reach out to your HR Admin or Customer Success Manager.